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Motocycling Tour

Mongolia is a wonderful land for moto crossing tour. Travelers can enjoy all-in-one experience in places such as Mongolian steppes, Siberian Taiga, Gobi Dersert and beautiful mountain ranges. 

If you love motorbiking, this would be absolutely your tour. You will enjoy the beautiful mountains, volcanoes, rivers and open wide land within 12 days.

You can experience the spirit of country of blue sky, the courage of the nomadic people and route of ancient history and tradition of Mongolia. 

Challenge yourself with high speed Yamaha 450VR, and from our side, we will do all the necessary in order to just enjoy your out­standing vacation.  We have 3 different packages in different places.

  • Standard Tour
  • Across Gobi  Desert
  • Road To Reindeer People

ITINERARY - Road to reindeer people tour


Day 1
·                     Arrive at Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulan Bator.
·                     Pick up from airport-Breakfast-Check in the hotel.
·                     10:20 Tour to Gandan Monastery. During communist rule most of the Buddhist Monasteries in Mongolia were destroyed. The Gandan Monastery is one of a few that was not destroyed. The monastery is home to over 400 monks. The official name is Gandantegchinleng Khidd, which means: “Place of Indescribable Joy”.
·                     11:30 Tour of the National Historical Museum Enjoy a walk through Genghis Khan in the center of the city. It is a large marble construction in front of the Houses of Parliament with the prominent statue of Genghis Khan.  
·                     1:00PM Lunch time
·                     2:00PM Rest time
·                     6:00PM Enjoy a traditional folklore performance.
·                     7:00PM Dinner
·                     O/N Hotel Bayangol 
Day 2 
·                     Breakfast and check-out.
·                     Depart from Ulan Bator, heading to “Amarbayasgalant khiid’ located 270km from UB, drive on both black top and off-road. Enjoy seeing beautiful nature with mid-day lunch.
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 3 
·                     From “Amarbayasgalant khiid’ to “Uran togoo”. Enjoy seeing wild Mongolian nature
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 4
 ·                     From “Uran togoo”  to North Mongolian land. Across through Selege river by float-boat.
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner)  
Day 5, 6 
·                     This days we stay in and travel around Huvsgul lake, enjoying varies activities such as a riding horse, visiting Tsaatan-Reindeer home, boating and walking in the nature.
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 7
·                     Go through Moron city and have a lunch.
·                     Head to beautiful small lake, lake-side dinner with camp fire activity.
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 8
·                     Zuun nuur to Tekhiin Tsagaan nuur. One of the most beautiful place in the land of Mongolia, Lake created by volcano activity over 800 years ago, one of the best fresh water lake of 64 km sq. 
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 9-10
·                     Hot spring water-Tsenkheriin Khaluun Rashaan. Drive down to Chuluut and Tamir river, we can reach to Hot spring water cite. Experience in Mongolian hot spring pool.
·                     Visiting Mongolian herders family, enjoying Mongolian traditional babecue called “Shorlog” and “Horhog”.
·                       O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 11 
·                     Come to tourist camp on the bank of river Orkhon, longerst river in Mongolia.
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 12 
·                     Our destination today is Khugno Khaan. Khugno Khaan is one of the seven King-Mountain in Mongolia, located and surrounded by sand dunes and nearest beautiful lake. We can visit ancient temple of Erdene Zuu.
·                     O/N in ger camp (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner) 
Day 13 
·                     This day, we arrive in UB. After check in you will have time at leisure for last minute
·                     Enjoy a fare well dinner at 19:00.
·                     O/N in the hotel. 
Day 14 
·                     Breakfast in hotel and check out.
·                     Transfer to the airport